House Portraits

1578 San Lorenzo St copy

House Portraits are popular for:

  • Realtor’s marketing tool
  • Housewarming gift
  • Completing a renovation
  • Commemorate the memories of a much beloved home
  • Birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift for any home owner
  • Corporate gift

Based on a photograph, the image is made with pen and ink, black and white or hand colored, full of character and charm.  Styles can range from tight and architectural to whimsical, based on the architectural features of the house. Prices begin at $350, depending on size and amount of detail.

To commission a portrait, please send an email to:

House Portraits

IMG_edited-1victorian final_edited-2


107 Southhampton Draft 9-9-14




Redwood Place

Redwood Place


Tan Brick

Gabled House 1


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