2-D Art

Leaves and Window
Leaves and Window

For most of my life I worked on flat surfaces. Only since moving to California have I had the opportunity to work in three dimensions.  I am still drawn to photography, drawing, computer art, painting and mixed media–even cartoons! Most of these are available through my on-line store.

This is an example of my mixed media art.  It starts with a Polaroid SX70 photo and while the emulsion is still soft, the surface is rubbed to modify the image.  The film is then painted to add or enrich the colors.  After scanning on a computer and printed on watercolor paper, I alter the image further with either colored pencils or paint. Sounds like a lot of work but it’s fun!

I use a similar technique for my “House Portraits,” manipulating a photograph using Photoshop and further modifying the image using pen and ink and color.  Please see the 2-D gallery for examples.

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